Sleepmax - What is the active ingredient?

Valarian, one of the active ingredients in Sleepmax, has long been used to help with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and nervous states. Valarian is similar to Valium in how it acts on the brain, but does not have the addictive potential of Valium. Most people experience a deep restful state of sleep from Valerian that does not interfere with normal brain waves, as do prescription sleeping pills.

Melatonin It's secreted by the pineal gland, a pea-size structure in the brain, as our eyes register the fall of darkness. Melatonin is then produced to help our bodies regulate our sleep-wake cycles. The production of melatonin by our body seems to lessen as we get older. Scientists believe this may be why young people have less problem sleeping than older people. Studies suggest melatonin may have many other uses and has been reported to make people feel better, strengthen the immune system, and reduce free radicals in the body. Current research is underway to determine it's effect as an anti-oxidant, immno-modulator in cancer, delayed sleep-phase disorders, and jet lag. This products is offered as dietary supplements only and not as a substitute for medical care.

Do not used for more than 6 months without consulting a physician. This product is designed for short term use, as insomnia may be a symptom of a more severe medical problems. Use of powerful sedatives like the Ambiatol formula in Sleepmax may mask more severe medical problem. Please consult a physician if you experience any physical problems.

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