SleepMax Benefits & Product Testimonials

The Ambiatol formula blends Valarian and Melatonin into a uniquely powerful sleep formula.

SleepMax Benefits:
Safe formula for a deep and restful sleep, helps with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and nervous states, non-addictive


Ambien has become impossible to get online, doctors don't like prescribing it, and I didn't know where to turn. Thanks for offering Sleepmax with the Ambiatol formula. I get as good a night's rest, and save a fortune. I couldn't be happier or more rested. - Beatrice Baker - Portland , OR

What's great about The Ambiatol formula in Sleepmax is that it combines the effects of Ambien and the cost and safety of non-prescription products. Lets hope the government doesn't limit sales of this like they did Ambien. -Renee Wurman, Syosset , New York

I'm sleeping all through the night, no longer waking at 2AM and tossing and turning. Or worse waking at 4AM, when I don't have to rise until 6AM. I'm not groggy or grouchy in the AM. Seriously thinking about giving up coffee, because I don't need it to get going!!! No more acupuncture, no more counting sheep, no more tensing and relaxing muscles, no more chamomile tea. I am not an insomniac anymore. Sleepmax, you are amazing!" - Simian Thall, Kansas City , MO

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Sleep makes the mind and body fresh. The beginning for all the problems in the body is lack of sleep. If a person does not have proper sleep, then there is some problem with his mind or body. Sleep apnea is basically a condition that affects most people causing them to stop breathing for around 10-20 seconds as they sleep. It is curable by taking proper medical treatments and using proper medical devices

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